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"CoCo (14 years old) and Abby (11 years old) have been coming to Suzanne for acu­punc­ture, supple­ments and herbs for several years. These have been invaluable in taking care of CoCo's aging condition and Abby's diabetes."

"My girls have a tre­men­dous amount of energy and really enjoy their lives, because of acupuncture and the fine care that Suzanne gives to them. Suzanne is a wonderful, compassionate person and I feel grateful that she helps me give my dogs the best life!"
(Owner, Carol Bryans)

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Needles used for acupuncture

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The origin of veterinary acupuncture dates back to ancient China. The Chinese practiced acupuncture first on horses and farm animals then on dogs, cats, and birds. Acupuncture unblocks the Qi energy to boost the immune system which aids in self-healing by causing the body to release endorphins and hormones while decreasing internal and external inflammation.

Qi energy flows through meridians. Animals have meridians and reflex points similar to humans. The meridians are connected with internal organs, muscular and joint structures, and the nervous system. Acupuncture points lie on these meridians. They are areas of the skin at which the flow of Qi can be affected. When an animal is unhealthy, there is an  imbalance or interference with the flow of Qi. The acupuncturist manipulates the Qi by stimulating specific acupuncture points, which aleviates the blockage or imbalance.  

Some health issues that respond favorably to acupuncture include: arthritic disorders, muscular injuries, reproductive disorders, hormonal issues, neurological disorders, problems with the digestive, urinary and respiratory systems. 

At Well Point Veterinary Service we have seen a number of animals with muscular injuries or arthritic conditions respond very well to acupuncture treatment. Owners often describe the results as an increase in energy or activity level in their pets without the signs of previous pain. 

Picture of dog after acupuncture

Acupuncture does not hurt the animal. Many animals fall into a relaxed state during the treatment. The best results from acupuncture come from a regular monthly maintenance schedule.