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Well Point Veterinary Services invites you to discuss how Chinese herbal medicine can benefit your pet with Dr. Suzanne Best.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

The Chinese have used herbal medicine to treat illnesses in humans and animals for thousands of years. Modern veterinary medicine has seen good results using herbal medicine in the treatment of epilepsy, rheumatism, chronic urinary infections, skin allergies and type II diabetes. Herbs can also be used for pain relief and to aid healing and prevent infection in wounds.

Herbal medicine and acupuncture are often used together to enhance their effect on the patient. A consistency in treatment must be followed when using herbal therapy.

The advantages of herbal medicine vs pharmaceutical drugs are:

Herbal prescriptions are a balanced formula of several different herbs suited to treat a specific condition. They are classified by temperature and flavor; and are associated with specific meridians or body organs. Because of the complexity of the formulas, herbal medicines should be prescribed only by a veterinarian who is trained in Chinese herbal medicine.